Animal Domestication

There are many people around the world who absolutely love animals therefore, governments and other governing bodies have made certain provisions for these people. I love dogs a lot but when I learned of the different types of animals that belong to the family, I began to wonder how humans and these animals ever became friends. Many scientists state that there are several factors that allowed all the animals that are now a part of many peoples lives to do away with their previous feral mannerisms. Some of these factors include the mutual benefits of food acquisition and offspring safety which creates an air of relaxation and comfort allowing both organisms to thrive.

Many countries still use dogs to assist in their control of sheep and other livestock so one should see how important the role of animals are in the lives of these people. Consider how certain other cultures utilize cows and other similar large herbivores to assist them in their agricultural drive. Because these animals are large, heavy and quite easy to train into efficient farming tools they were heavily herded and almost driven to extinction in the wild. Horses are another type of herbivore that was heavily sought after but their numbers in the wild were not affected as adversely as that of cows and bison.

Certain countries established independence and a national government after generations of using animals within their everyday lives. Whether it was agriculture or just general transportation these domesticated animals were the key instrument in the expansion and development of these nations so look into this for best results.

Various domesticated animals have been classed as an excellent food source therefore, their role changed from irrigation equipment or manure makers to penned up hostages waiting for their admittance into the slaughter house. Modern meat farms practice a technique where they restrict the animals movement and feed it laboratory developed foods in order to maintain a soft and malleable product. Many of these animals have undergone several changes both physical and mental for example, their teeth and fur gets less dangerous which allows human interaction to be even more available.

Plants have also been domesticated to the point where their product is far different from their once closely related relatives. Wheat and corn are great examples of such a domestication so do some research into the techniques both ancient and modern man uses. Imagine how dilapidated early trade would have been if there were no means for a nation to produce sufficient foodstuffs to even feed a large nation. Do some more research into this topic before you think you have sufficient information to create a substantial paper about it.

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