The Easiest Way To Write A Good Definition Essay On Racism

Writing a good definition essay on racism isn’t much more difficult than it would be writing about some other term that is intangible and depends mostly on a person’s point of view (e.g., love, bravery, courage, etc.). But just like in those cases you have to come up with really good examples and supporting evidence pieces to write effectively. Here is the easiest way to write a good definition essay on racism:

  • Write a brief analysis and classify the term
  • Start by simply looking up the definition of the term and conducting a brief analysis of what it means. It would also help to classify the term by breaking the word into its parts of origin and simply providing some context. This should help you with the following stage of brainstorming some examples.

  • Brainstorm examples to illustrate its meaning
  • Now you can get creative and think critically about what the term means to you. The reader will relate to vivid images or a fitting story to provide some context for a term that is relatively abstract in nature. You may use personal experiences on the subject to make an even stronger connection.

  • Structure your paper in an organized outline
  • Take your analysis notes and illustration examples and organize them in a well-structure outline. Keep the reader in mind when you create the outline. You should start by defining racism then providing an explanation of your personal view on its meaning, followed by pieces of evidence supporting your argument.

  • Write the first draft of the definition essay
  • Now that you have written ample notes and have organized your thoughts in an outline, you can start writing the first draft. Do this quickly and efficiently; it’s the best way to get your all of your thoughts down as they pop into your head. Don’t worry about making mistakes, since you will have time to correct them later at a later stage.

  • Revise actively to improve the argument
  • If you’ve planned correctly you should have left yourself plenty of time to revise your first draft. When doing this you should look for every way to improve the structure and logic of your work by rearranging content, adding content or removing content.

  • Edit and proofread your definition essay
  • Even the best writers can leave several mistakes in what are otherwise great pieces, if they don’t make the time to completely edit and proofread their work. Be sure you use clear and direct English words and sentence structures. Also make sure you’ve searched for all of the most common mistakes before submitting your work.

Simple But Efficient

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