Composing An Effective Argumentative Essay On Fast Food

All around the world we have witnessed the rise and detrimental results of what fast food can cause. On a daily basis there are organizations consistently combating with fast food restaurants due to their products and inhumane (some will say) methods should not be available for consumption at all.

In this article we are going to briefly cover a quick way for you to create an effective argumentative essay on fast food.

The ingredients and methods of fast food products

It is beyond known that the ingredients that fast food restaurants use are quite disgusting so much to the latter statement, that they are not even natural “food” ingredients at all. If you want to argue the facts of how damaging fast food is to the consumers, the best place to start is pointing out that most of the products are not even real food ingredients. The reason why food items at fast food restaurants are extremely cheap is because they are GMO (genetically modified organisms).

How it affects your health

Without question, we have all noticed that individuals who depend on fast food diets (whether it is a personal liking or for budgeting purposes) have a negative health lifestyle. In America obesity has become a pretty big epidemic that is constantly being discussed on a daily basis. One thing that you can connect with obesity is fast food because extensive research has shown there is an unhealthy link between the two.

Pricing is not a great thing

One major advantage that society has become accustomed to with fast food is its affordable price. Without naming specific fast food restaurants, an entire meal with “ingredients” that have a somewhat decent level price tag can be purchased at these restaurants for $5-$10. If you want to argue the attraction of cheap (affordable) GMO fast food options, it is definitely a discussion individuals are willing to read.

Overall, these are just the basics that you can begin to cover and expand upon when writing an argumentative essay about fast food. These are some of the main factors that you can easily extend at your discretion (and even cover on their own if you choose to).

In the beginning, fast food was a great concept as it was assisting with helping everyone (even in poverty) eat on a daily basis. Now, major business minded individuals have taken the care of help and health out of the equation. The power of money is now more important than anything, and that can be the foundation of your argument. So, consider these ideas for composing an effective argumentative essay on fast food and you’ll have a great start.

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