5 Best Sources To Get A Free Essay Example

Students perform better on tasks like essay writing when they have a sample to use. Instructors are reluctant to give out samples because they fear their students will copy the examples and not write anything unique. This leaves students to their own devices to find their own free samples. Fortunately, they are easier to find than many students think they are. Which brings up the most important part of using free examples: never use them on your actual essay. If you can find an example, so can your instructor and the plagiarism app that she uses.

  1. College writing labs: Online writing labs are one of the best places to find free essay examples. Online labs not only include free samples, but they also include tutorials that break down the parts of the essay. These labs are usually managed by college students who are majoring in writing or working on advanced degrees in writing.
  2. Writing tutorial sites: The Internet is full of websites that provide tutorials on every subject, including writing. You can find samples of all types of essays and lessons on how to write them. Before you choose papers as samples, take a look at who wrote them and the quality of the writing. You are not always guaranteed that you will find the best writing samples. You might even find one that is designed to be a bad example for the purpose of teaching.
  3. Online writing sites: You can find all types of writing on these sites that are designed for students to buy papers. Most of the sites have free samples so they can entice students with high quality work. College websites and writing tutorial sites usually have better papers, but you can usually find papers that are about topics that are similar to your project.
  4. School databases: Colleges often have databases that are full of essays, theses, and dissertations. These are usually papers that are written by students who are working on their advanced degrees. Since they are written by doctoral or masters students, you can trust that the papers will be good choices to use as examples.
  5. Writing blogs: Bloggers who write about writing will have good examples to share with people like you. They want to show off their best writing so students can see what it looks like and learn from it. In many cases, blog posts are good essays that include all of the components, like a thesis statement, strong body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

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