How To Create A Decent Essay About Education Reform

In order for a country, society or an economy to flourish, education is a must. Education is not the same as literacy. While literacy emphasises solely on the rote methods of learning and indicates whether a particular individual is able to read or write, education is a more holistic term and does not associate itself with the intricacies of the bookish. Instead, education focuses more on the individual’s gamut of knowledge regarding the world around him or her and his or her ability to cope with and adapt to necessary changes.

  • History of the reforms
  • While scripting an essay on educational reforms, it is an absolute must that the author includes a brief yet accurate background of the reforms, pertaining to the field of education, that had been adopted by the Government till date and whether they have been successful or not. The reasons behind their success as well as failure, whatever the case may be, must also be clearly stated. This helps lay out a more or less elaborate setting of the present situation of educational reforms.

  • Present scenario
  • The present scenario of educational reforms is, perhaps, one of the most, if not the most, important portion of the essay. It, essentially, reflects what the current situation is like and also, up to a certain extent, is rather helpful in explaining the global standing of a country and its rate of economic advancement. While mentioning these reforms, it is important that the student mentions the full as well as abbreviated name of the reform, the year in which it was adopted, the Government that adopted it, and the purpose behind its adoption.

  • Analysis is appreciated
  • An analysis of the country’s take on educational reforms by the student is always appreciated. It goes to show how much the student has learnt and that he or she is actually thinking about the topic. If the student can incorporate certain examples to illustrate his or her analytical conclusions, there is no stopping him or her from achieving exceptional marks.

  • Personal take

The student’s personal take on the matter is also important because:

  • It showcases the student’s potential as a good citizen of the country, who can bring about necessary changes.
  • It showcases the student’s prowess of economic, political and social knowledge.
  • The student should include how he or she proposes to tackle the unresolved issues, plaguing the educational sector and how he or she plans its rapid betterment.

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