Harry S. Truman

Harry S. Truman was born on 8th of May 1884 in a place known as Lamar. He resembled an owl by the virtual of his rounded glasses. Being a short man, and speaking in a mid-western's flattened nasal kind of tone, it made him a real, with pronounced reputations as regards to truth speaking. He was the oldest in the family of three siblings. The abbreviation of “s” in his name on account of the failure by his family to make a decision of which of his grandfather’s names, Solomon Young and Anderson Shipp Truman to use.

He later on moved to independence, MO. In this place, he learnt piano at the encouragement by his mother. He did not attend college due to bad sight and poverty. At the age of 22, he resumed a career as a farmer in which he has been raised. He did this for over 11 years aiding his father in management. As a farmer, he did gain vast of experience and knowledge that enabled to become more confident, social, and become less quiet as compared to the previous years of his life.

During the World War I, he was appointed as a Captain by the National Guard. Truman did serve diligently in the French army commanding the battalion in the 35th division of the American Force. He served in the army till late in the World War I. Truman discovered his talent as a good leader which prompted him to join the army reserves and other veteran organizations and thereby becoming a colonel.

He married Elizabeth in 1919 and established a store for clothes in the city of Kansas after returning home. Truman turned to politics after having failed in the clothes business. He was elected the judge of the court of county of Jackson in 1922 and he was re-elected in 1930 after having trailed in 1924. In 1934, he did run for a seat of the U.S senate where he won the election. His ability made him to consider running for vice presidency nominations in 1944 where he defeated the incumbent Senator Wallace.

Truman did initiate plans that were economically influential to the economy of America. He contributed to the implementation of civil rights where he relied on the execution action. This involved the desegregation and publically questioning the actions of the armed forces. He over times was involved in interventions in regard to labor disputes. He is further known for the establishment of the United Nations and he made a decision to use atomic bombs on Japan. This was done with an aim to save lives by ending the actions of the war and thereby America would takes over the control of the lives of Japanese. This was meant to trim the powers of the Russians. All these he did after having been elected as president of the United States.

It is argued that he did very little domestically and this put him in a position of being criticized. The southern democrats and conservative republicans’ successfully opposed the leadership of Truman. In the year of 1947, Truman's veto of the Taft-Hartley enacted act was opposed by the congress. His views as regards to the coal and steel industrial operations were very pivotal; however, he received much resentment from the opposition. He retired from leadership and did not run again as president at 88 years and met his death in 1972.

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