How Do I Compose An A-Level Argumentative Essay About Abortion?

The Problem of Emotion—Strong Emotions

Essays about abortion can be very problematic. Why? Because people often feel highly emotional about this particular issue. You might think emotion is good, but it can be the essay’s or research paper’s mortal enemy.

Just picture, for a moment, writing about a recent argument with a sister, brother, or schoolmate that got very heated—one where you got very, very angry. Picture yourself assigned to write about why you are right about what you argued about soon after the initial confrontation—before it was resolved—your reason would probably be somewhat “off” or “out of whack” because your anger would overcome your reason about the issue because you are so emotional about it.

The Importance of Research to Bolster Your Reasoning

Abortion can be the same way because people seem to see this issue as black or white, especially after they first have children, and often do not examine the more logical reasoning behind either choice.

You must be prepared to know each side of this argument’s most logical points of reasoning to keep this essay on track. There are great research tools which detail the most logical arguments for each side on the issue of abortion and many other argumentative/persuasive/call to action type of essays that are chiefly argumentative/persuasive in approach. Your reference librarian can show you how to access this tool in your school library and often from home as well via login with a special password.

The Importance of Structure and the Elements of The Essay

Abortion is a topic most likely chosen for the type of essay in which emotions can most easily take over—persuasive, argumentative or call to action essays. All three types of this essay are persuasive in that all three try to convince their reader to come over to the writer’s side of thinking and either a. rethink their own stance and perhaps, one day, change their stance on this issue or, after hearing such a good argument on the part of the writer, the reader is convinced they too must take strong action on this issue—perhaps changing the way they vote on this issue or becoming a proponent for or against abortion.

The Importance of Acknowledgement and Refutation

You must, somewhere right before the last paragraph, acknowledge the other sides most important objections to your argumentative stance, and refute it with strong reasoning of your own. Only then do you move to a close—one that will echo strongly in the mind and ear of your reader.

Simple But Efficient

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Be Creative

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Learn Structure

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Use Help

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Format And Structure

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