5 Pointers To Help You Create A Good Critical Reading Essay

When you think about critical reading, it’s a strategy for discovering key information or ideas within a piece of written work. You must have active, careful, analytic and reflective reading styles. You must be able to reflect on the validity and value of what you have read, using the lens of your knowledge and understanding of how things work in the world. Now to be able to write a great paper on this style will require you to dig more into depth.

How to successfully create a critical reading essay

  1. Know the purpose behind what you are doing. Your paper should include the importance of examining arguments or evidence that’s been presented, checking out the limitations, examining interpretations and making decisions on how to validate an opinion, argument or conclusion.

  2. Be willing to perform critical reading on any source material you will be using to write your own paper. You must be able to practice what you’re teaching. This may give you some insights you can pass on to your readers.

  3. Take notes as you read your material. This helps to keep your thoughts organized and helps you remember the key ideas of what you read. Keeping important questions in your mind as you go will help you subconsciously search for the answers in what you’re reading.

  4. Identify patterns or problems by scanning the notes you have taken. What are the main ideas? What is most important to include in your paper?

  5. Develop the thesis for your paper. This statement is a key part of your essay and you should take great care to make sure it’s just right. It should be arguable; don’t just state a fact. It should contain enough detail in order to be effective. This statement should be located near the end of your introduction paragraph. It tells the reader what you are trying to prove.

The title of your paper lets your readers know what you are writing about. It should be both informative and intriguing so they will be interested in reading. In short, the title is the shortest summary possible of your paper. The opening sentences of the introduction should spark interest in your reader and should urge them to start forming questions that they can’t wait to get answered. This is what encourages them to keep reading your piece.

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