Effective Communication In Criminal Justice Settings

What is Criminal Justice?

The criminal justice system exists within every country’s government structure. It aims to control, deter and mitigate crime while instituting penalties in situations where a crime is committed. The system will also protect a criminal from abuse during the legal process.

It is necessary for every system to have a criminal justice system as a means to protect individual and enforce a country’s standard of conduct.

Every criminal justice system will include legislators, court and correctional facilities, all of which will work together to maintain the country’s legal system.

What is a Criminal Justice setting?

The courts act as the Criminal Justice settings, where the system will settle disputes and administer justice, using a set of rules and prohibitions provided to them. Every system appoints a group of people to conduct the legal court procedures, the group will include; a judge, defense attorney and criminal prosecutor. The judge is appointed by the government, and has the power to administer the court proceedings, and offer a final decision.

Communicating is Criminal Justice Settings effectively

In the justice system communication is everything. The attorney and prosecutor will present their respective argument, before the court, and the judge will rule in favor of the more sound argument. The prosecutor is appointed by the opposing party, and it is their duty to outline the crime committed using evidence that implicates the accused. The attorney will represent their clients’ interests, building a case which places doubt of the validity of the prosecutor’s case.

Under most legal systems, the judge and jury must have understood beyond reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime. To do this, it is necessary for that both sides present a strong case, with confidence and authority, to the audience; if the attorney seems unsure of their evidence, the judge and jury will be less inclined to vote in their favor. The cases will be presented verbally, using material or testimonial evidence to support their respective claim, placing large significance on effective communication skills.

Effective communication is a skill that involves body posture, hand movements and tone. It is not enough that the lawyers possess compelling knowledge, they must act in a way that convinces the audience of its importance. They must be able to impart their information and opinions with an air of confidence, in a tone that is compelling and alluring, even if they aren’t convinced of its validity.

Effective communication is important in every setting, and it is a skill that requires time and skill to develop. In the criminal justice system it can mean the difference between life and death, for the accused.

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