Mozart is basically the Austrian musical and is originally written in German. The music was mainly composed by Austrian composer Wolfgang Mozart and it has shaped the classical music. He showed his ability for music since his childhood. He had been fluent on violin and keyboard since at age of 5 and right from that age, he performed in front of European royalty.

Mozart effect is the common term used which means if young children are exposed to Mozart music, they get more intelligent. Though internet is full of Mozart music and plenty of them can be even downloaded easily but the effect it has been connected with is still not properly understood. The idea of Mozart Effect was first surfaced in 1991 which actually was about general classical music not particularly composed by Mozart.

The music of Mozart is the archeological example of classical style. The work of Mozart was actually the development of the classical music. Being a universal composer, he even wrote almost in every known and major genre such as chamber, solo concerto, opera, symphony and piano sonata. Though all these genres are not new but especially the piano concerto was mainly developed by Mozart and has been popularized by him. Religious music was even written by him as well as mass music besides composing numerous dances, serenades and other different types of light entertainment. All the main traits of the classical music can be found in the Mozart music.

The work of Mozart can be found in the modern music. It is a common practice to learn from past masters and then incorporating their work in one’s own in order to produce something unique and new. This is observed in the work of many of the composers today who incorporate the Mozart valuable work in their own. For example, Mozart’s Requiem was observed in the work of Ludacris in his song “Coming 2 America” in year 2002. Many such examples can be found in the music filed where composers have incorporated Mozart’s work in their own.

Mozart’s music has a special power which can directly appeal but at the same time is too subtle to be accurately defined. Though a lot of Mozart’s music is available these days but a very little of his music is indeed well known. The same thing was even experienced by the great composer Mozart himself during his lifetime.

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