Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants are a group of people who have migrated across the national borders in a manner that violates the immigration laws of the country in which the immigrants are going to settle. Most illegal immigrants opt to immigrant from a poorer country to countries that are richer. Illegal immigrants take into account both the risks and the benefits associated with immigration. Most illegal immigrants see the steps they are taking as a way to improve their living conditions and income with the expectation of getting residential permits. Some people argue that illegal immigration benefits the host country economy through extra tax revenue and more circulating money. They base their argument by saying that the illegal immigrants have the motivation that aligns with the American dream; they do jobs that most Americans won’t do.

Problems associated with illegal immigrants

Problems related to illegal immigrants can either be the dangers the immigrants face or those the host country face. Since the end of the slave trade, illegal importation has still continued but at a slower rate. People have been tricked into illegal slavery to work in foreign countries. The illegal immigrants trafficking in this way cannot avoid escaping slavery since there are not eligible to seek help. The case for language barrier can be a problem to most illegal immigrants. In some places, illegal immigrants are kidnapped while are still headed to their destination for ransom and some cases they are found dead for failed payment. Illegal immigrants are always subject to torture, rape, and prostitution. Western Europe countries face serious problems that revolve around the exploitation of illegal immigrants sexually. The United States and Mexico are in the war between the transnational gangs and the human trafficking between the two border countries.

Methods of being illegal immigrants

Border crossing by illegal immigrants is among the most common method and the most dangerous method, most of them are have ended up suffocating in the shipping container, trucks, and boxcars. Another method has been to immigrants overstaying their visa after the host countries rejecting them residence but having not expelled them yet. Another means by the children born in the host countries by the foreigners like in the case of France and Belgium. The use of sham marriages to get into a country by a couple who aren’t into a serious relationship is the best way to get immigration, work permit, residence or for other benefits.

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