12 Essay Writing Topics In Political Science For High School Students

If you are in high school and you are taking a course in political science, you will need to be ready to write a paper on any subject that you have studied from time to time. This is something really important that you should not take for granted. Many are the times when you will be asked to come up with titles and present them either to your teacher or before the entire class, and when that moment comes, you need to be ready.

When you are given a paper to write, did you know that you start losing or earning marks from the title that you present to your teacher? If you do choose a good title, things will work well for you, especially when you follow it up with a good introduction. For your political science paper the following are some simple ideas that you can present to your teacher:

  1. Discuss the systems, theory and structural functions that are applicable in political science
  2. Explain how the political development has been affected by modernization
  3. Discuss the concept of statism and how important it is
  4. Explain how development and dependency are interlinked to one another
  5. Discuss the concept of civil wars, and the lessons that are learned from these wars
  6. Explain how terrorism and politics are linked, and why it is close to impossible to end one without hurting the other
  7. Military coups have been used to effect change in a number of countries in the past. Discuss how effective these strategies are, and if they should be allowed to succeed
  8. Ethnic conflicts are often spurred by leaders who seek to further their political will. Discuss some of the most prolific conflicts that have transpired in the past
  9. Discuss how political parties are commonly used to further the personal interests of an individual, other than the collective goals that they were supposed to present
  10. Compare and contrast the following systems of governance; unitary systems, confederalist systems and federal systems
  11. Explain the importance of the following systems of governance, discussing why one is better than the other, and highlighting the appropriate benefits: presidential form of government and parliamentary form of government
  12. Discuss why judicial politics is something that is not supposed to be allowed to manifest in governance

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