Matrix Film

What is the Matrix Trilogy?

The Matrix Franchise began with its first film, The Matrix. The film explores an alternate realm created by artificial intelligence, which is perceived as ‘reality’ by humans. These machines aim to subdue humanity. However, the protagonist, a computer programmer named ‘Neo’, learns the truth about the world he is in. The film follows his story of rebellion against the artificial intelligence.

The Symbolic Importance of the Matrix

While it is true that The Matrix was an original, extraordinary action film with excellent graphics, it also entertained a considerable amount of depth. The Matrix explores spiritual ideas; it portrays humanity’s fundamental problems as a result of ignorance, and suggests the solution of these issues is enlightenment.

The film exaggerates the idea that some believe of our own reality; that we too live in an alternative reality, crafted by technology and consumerism.

The protagonist of the film, Neo, is joined by other people that have been ‘freed’ from the illusions of the alternate reality. This can be mirrored to a supposedly ‘enlightened’ person meeting others of a similar mindset, or ‘enlightened people’.

The Franchise Politics

The performance of the first matrix film exceeded all expectations; it was well-received by a very large audience. People didn’t simply appreciate its originality and graphics; they were able to relate to its spiritual message.

While the first Matrix film had a budget of 67 million USD, its outstanding success granted them a budget of 300 million USD for the successive two films.

The films which followed the original were undoubtedly lacking in comparison. After the success of the first film, the Matrix Franchise saw opportunity to market heavily and profit off it. Matrix Reloaded, the second film in the trilogy, received global recognition and advertisement. However, it was received with less approval by its audience. The last of the trilogy, Matrix Revolutions, was accused of not contributing much to the second film, or the series as a whole.

The reasons behind the underperformance of the second and third films are clear. While the first film attracted its audience through its depth, symbolic message, and originality, the successive two failed to meet this standard. Undoubtedly, the level of graphics and action developed as the trilogy progressed. However, this was clearly not enough to maintain the interest and appreciation of its audience.

Despite the shortcomings of the Matrix films as the trilogy progressed, the franchise still left its mark on the world. Furthermore, it will continue to generate profit through; console games, DVDs, cyber games and comic books.

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