General Tutorial On How To Use Footnotes In An Essay

Footnotes are an important part of your essay. There are different types of papers that you have to write with these notes attached. It is actually a requirement that you include them, or your paper will be marked as incomplete. These days there are some writing styles that actually demand the use of footnotes, or your teacher might insist on the same. It is therefore important for you to make sure that when you are in such a position, you do know how and what to do in order to present the best paper you have ever written so far.

Ideally, there is nothing really difficult with writing some footnotes on your paper. It is more or less the same procedure that you would follow if you are referencing your work. There are so many teachers who actually prefer to have students use this method in their papers other than to have them write references in a different way. It makes it easier to read the paper and follow the attached footnotes to gain a deeper understanding of what the student has been doing.

When it comes to writing your paper through the use of footnotes, the following are some simple points that you need to consider:

  1. Insert them automatically
  2. Do not flood the page with footnotes
  3. Authenticity is key

  • Insert them automatically
  • You do not have to struggle to insert the footnotes. Do not even try to find a different way of formatting the paper to insert them. You can do this naturally and automatically. In your word processor, just hit the “references” tab and you will see where to insert footnotes. When you do that the footnote you add will be inserted systematically, and will also be given a chronological order.

  • Do not flood the page with footnotes
  • There are students who use so many words in the footnotes section that it takes up so much space in their page. You cannot have more than half of your page looking like a paragraph in the footnotes section. Keep it brief and it will not look awkward.

  • Authenticity is key
  • You need to be authentic in your use of footnotes. It is of utmost importance for you to make sure that you can do this. These footnotes tend to stand out, so do not use copied content herein, or you will surely fail.

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